Every now and then we notice shiny types of fire extinguishers with various labels set to them. The labels, as required by law and standardization certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratories indicate the chrome cylinder’s content which is used in fire fighting. Most of the 5 fire extinguishing agents: Dry Chemical, Foams, Water/ Water Additives, Clean Abets and Class D all legally used and certified by UL..

Chrome extinguisher cylinders are preferred for their shiny finish making it fitting for buildings and hotels. This type of fire extinguisher is also seen in vehicles, motorcycles, boats and aircrafts. A chrome fire extinguisher is lightweight enough for fast and easy handling in these areas.

Aside from other fire fighting retardants which have been mentioned, Clean Agents in their gaseous state are ideal for chrome fire extinguisher cylinders. Clean agents displace oxygen which prevents re-ignition provided that it is in completely spread on the flame.

Unlike the regular metal cylinders chrome fire extinguishers are rust-free and will not react to weather elements or cabin pressure. Having a handy chrome fire extinguisher tucked in or braced on a motorcycle is safe since the chrome finish is made of a hard metal known for its high melting point.

A chrome is a hard metal yet is malleable, shaping it into a cylinder is easy. Safe storage of gas and chemicals requires cylinder or round type of containers, corners on metals usually bend metals and become weak points which in turn are the sources of leaks.

When purchasing fire extinguishers, appearance plays a big part when it comes to where a fire extinguisher is needed. Keep in mind, aside from looking good and shiny, a Chrome Fire Extinguisher is light weight, malleable and has a high melting point. The latter qualities make a chrome finish fire extinguisher fitting for compact places and for travel.