Automatic Fire Extinguishers and automatic fire sprinkler systems are prime installations included in fire prevention systems along with the fire hoses in glass cases and the occasional fire ax.

Automatic fire systems are fitted in the ceiling connected by a series of pipes to cylinders of fire extinguisher agents. Automatic Fire Extinguisher systems are composed of a sensor for smoke or heat detection and automatic switch for the fire extinguisher, sprinklers for minor combustion and the automatic fire extinguisher itself.

Several models of Automatic Fire Extinguishers employ different sensory features and  automation. Some sensors depend on smoke, heat or emissions. When one of these are detected, an automatic fire system may activate the sprinkler or automatic extinguisher. A fire system’s activation automatically sends an alarm to a fire brigade or fighting team.

Automated fire systems differ in installation, fire extinguishing agent, sensors and nozzle systems. There are several choices that are certified and  recommended  by the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) which is tasked to grade and certify fire extinguishers including automatic fire systems like the automatic fire extinguisher set, sensors, sprinklers and the parts needed.

The purpose of Automatic Fire Extinguishers is to keep the fire at bay and at a minimum until the firemen arrive while giving all people the chance to get out.

In picking an automatic fire extinguisher and system research on what extinguisher agent or fire extinguisher type will fit the area you are protecting. Some areas require several class of fire extinguishers like a computer room has a different fire extinguisher type ‘B’ and ‘C’ from a regular extinguisher  type ‘A’ in the bedroom.

Knowing the different class of fire extinguishers and the fire types it can put out is important, some fires just get worse and deadly when an insufficient fire extinguishing agent is used or the extinguishing capacity is not enough for the blaze.

A friendly reminder, when you do not know anything about fire fighting like doing the ‘PASS’ or  are not sure if your extinguisher is loaded, GET OUT! Trying to be the hero without being properly armed will just cause you pain and injury.