The threat of fire is constant anywhere, precautionary measures must be taken in fire prevention. Fire prevention steps like proper electrical wiring, using proper plug capacities, maintenance of faulty home appliance or equipment, fire safety information campaigns and home drills stress the need for fire safety. Fires extinguishers vary and have designated by fire types and classification aside from the area it is needed to keep all the bases covered.

Fire extinguishing agents have different reaction to sources of fire making the choice of a fire extinguisher  dependent on the application and effectiveness in minimizing fire damage.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers were developed for the kitchen in cases of grease and oil fires. Wet chemical agents form a kind of salt compound that displaces oxygen from the fire elements. Before this existed, kitchen and grease fires were causes for grave fire damages. Battling a grease or fat fire is deadly when done without the proper materials. Other fire extinguishing agents did not have this capability and the wrong type of extinguisher used on the fire caused either an explosion (CO2) or further spreading of combustible material (Dry Agents) or electrocution (wet additive materials and water). Using dry or even water fire extinguishers made the grease fire splatter and spread, extending the damage outside of the grease filled area.

The quality that the Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher has which sets them apart from other extinguishing agents is its ability to crust over the flame. This crust covering traps the flame and cuts it from the oxygen it needs to turn into a blaze. In sealing the burning grease or oil, it contains the damage within the container or area. The crust also cools the burning oil, a proper sweep of the wet chemical is needed to make the reduction of temperature faster.

Wet chemical extinguishing agents can also be used of type ‘A’ fires which involve wood chips, paper and all ordinary combustible materials. Having a dual purpose makes any wet chemical fire extinguisher a welcome addition to home safety.