Instinctively, before the manufacturing of today’s fire extinguishers, man has used water as a form of protection against fire. Until now, the use of Air Pressurized Water (APW) Fire Extinguishers is still recommended for type “A” fires.

Fire extinguishers using water is shot from the cylinder in a continuous stream. This leaves the flammable material soaking in water but has reduced the fire into smoke. Water Fire Extinguishers are basically needed at home and in an area which is full of ordinary combustible, material. The use of a pressurized water fire extinguisher is not recommended in areas of the house that have electrical equipment in it. Water conducts electricity, which may bounce to you if an electrical equipment is wet while plugged in. A word of caution also is given for the use of the APW fire extinguishers on type ‘B’ and ‘C’ fires, it is better to leave a structure in flames than to attempt using it. APW’s can only worsen the fire made by electrical devices and oil or grease.

Another type of water fire extinguisher is the one using a fine mist of water that cools and contains the fire without doing damage to any electrical equipment. The Water-Mist Fire Extinguisher was invented in the hopes of finding a fire extinguisher which is safe enough and  less messy to use in sterile places like in hospital operating rooms, MRI laboratories and emergency room. The Water-Mist Fire Extinguisher is pressurized with Nitrogen and mixed with distilled with water. As a spray of mist is aimed atop a flame it neutralizes the elements of fire and succeeds in preventing it to re-ignite or spread. An experiment done also shows that a spray of mist from this extinguisher changes characteristics (H2Odensity, spray area and droplets) from one type of fire to another.When properly certified the Water-Mist Fire Extinguisher an be recommended to all types of fires and not just type ‘A’ fires.

As long one knows what fire extinguisher kind to identify for your home, work space and surroundings being fire ready is a piece of cake.